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The operations of Kermiono Investments will provide you with a full premium experience services by designing effective strategies and essential information that will enable you to implement new technologies and guide your team by adding adapted processes.

Our team provides various consultancy services from business management and financial advice, to healthy good-practices for businesses that operate in any kind of industry. The staff can plan budgets, scale projects, implement software solutions, and provide you with essential information from expanding your business, to new regions around the globe to financial market strategies.

Our Vision and Statement

We have made it so far by improving and growing our team and providing each member with continuous learning programs and personal development techniques. Each member on our staff has been chosen for their experience and willingness to learn.

Together we provide premium services that grow and empower businesses. We deeply care about our clients and build bridges that last between them and technologies.

Carefully coordinated services

Business Development

Our teams are ready to be deployed to any client willing to work in compliance with international business standards. Each and every member of our staff has the right skills and know-how, and the insights about key global markets to bring value where a client might have challenges coming from communication problems and analytical processes.

Business Planning and Consulting

We can provide planning for investments and optimize your costs before making a decision.We can partner with you in developing complete marketing plans and most of all, we have a high resilience to disruptions and will provide flexibility, so you won’t face challenges when tackling deadlines, unexpected crises or unexpected shifts in the markets.

Operational and Strategic Decisions

Business growth is made on tough decisions that have a solid research behind. Our business consultants will provide all key insights to make you achieve your goals.

We provide market analysis, quality management, key standard values that enable you to access new clients and expand your portfolio at a national and international scale.

Design and Development

Our designers mitigate any misunderstandings about functionalities and UX by carefully delivering prototypes so you will know before implementation how your application will look and feel.

After you say the word, developers will go right to work and program your solution by using the latest languages that are now trending in the development world.

Platform and Integration Consulting

Our team can help you tap into the world of databases that enable you to organize and access any data so you will make data-driven decisions. Sharpen the saw by implementing within your information processes API services and cloud integration under a secure umbrella. This will be a game-changer for your business and will make you stand out in front of your competition.

Development Process Consulting

Our consultants will stand by your team and get them on track by inserting healthy processes. Each will get a role and a methodology to guide them so they will deliver your projects on-time, on-budget and with improvements in quality.
We want to bring value in any situation by implementing processes that are oriented towards the clients and not just the products.

Software Solution Upgrade

Moving from old software to new more stable solutions can be met with resistance from your employees. On the long-term, upgrading to new software solutions will bring more benefits from improved processes within your company faster and more intuitive interfaces.

Technology Consultation

Our department specialized in B2B technologies will start working with you by analyzing and understanding your business requirements. After a statement and agreement has been reached with you, our tech consultants go to work with our engineers in implementing intelligent platforms for high optimization processes, security and cloud solutions that grow asity and improve client interactions.

Tell us about your vision so we can start working on your solution.

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